We're the worldis leading professionals while in the manufacturing of liquid that is e, uk-based, we provide the highest quality goods at the cheapest prices. Without having to be carefully-tested for quality and security no E Liquid leaves the manufacturer. All Eliquids are furnished in secure DIY e liquid mixing kits, child proof bottles and have a name clearly expressing the nicotine content. Hangsen supply over 300 diverse E-Liquid flavours (including menthol experience, caramel, chocolate, cherry and tobacco to mention an extremely small collection) and therefore are introducing more on a regular basis. Join countless content ‘vapers' all over the world and choose Hangsen E-Liquids today.

Some E Liquids are totally based on VG, but by mixing somewhat thicker VG with less heavy, more fast acting propylene glycol, Hangsen Eliquids provide the greatest of both worlds: a robust neck strike and ample, resilient vapour to increase that attack and deliver flavoring. Hangsen are one of producers when it comes to expertise and expertise and the leading Eliquid manufacturers. The boss of Hangsen created one of the initial recipes for E-Liquid back 2004, so you know that capacity and their technological understanding are not first to none.

Three Whitegold containers for £10 - SAVE £1.97. Incorporate at least three 10ml bottles of Whitegold formulae-liquids for your shopping cart software and utilize the promotion code WG10 to the checkout page. We provide a wide selection of quality eliquids, US e-juices, dripper juices, ecigarettes, vaping units, tanks, mods and batteries with UK and European delivery - Britain, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Channel Countries, France, Malaysia, Luxembourg, Austria, Europe, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece.

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